Sunday, July 9, 2017

New Design for Project Bags now in shop

I'm adding a new design to the shop. I'm calling them Pop Up's. Although this design is not one I created, I love using them for my projects.
Bicycle Pop Up

Blue Plaid Pop Up

Add caLittle Fox Pop Upption

Spring Daisy Pop Up

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rainy Weekend

It certainly has been a rainy weekend here in Dallas. Not a weekend for going outdoors, but a super great one for getting all snuggled into my sewing room. I actually made the time to complete a new purse, and 1/2 way through a second one! I'm going to finish the second tomorrow, photograph both of them and get them listed, so I feel like I've accomplished something.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Grand Opening Giveaway

In case you missed out on the Animal Print tote bag giveaway through our Nana G Creations promotions, here's one more chance for you.

I am doing a Grand Opening Giveaway through Facebook on Maur Designs. No cartwheels or hoops to jump through, just enter to win this: To read more on the description, click here.
Here is the link to our Facebook giveaway. Hope you join the others that have already entered.

P.S. we'd love some more followers...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a Week!

It's been busy at the ole homestead. I've found some great new bag patterns that I'm just dying to make, as well as making some totes and cross body bags that Vera Bradley inspired me with.

I also received word from my Graphic Artist that my new Banners and site suggestions should be finished in the next day or so for Maur Designs and I'm really so excited about that! Along with the new design and banners, I'm putting together a Facebook Ad and yes... I will be doing a Grand Opening Giveaway for it. It's going to be a great giveaway, I can just feel it.  Stay tuned.......... hope you follow us.

Here, Twitter, and our Facebook :).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I have been able to blog.  I've been a busy little beaver. It seems that January came and went so fast, and February is starting to look like it's headed in the same direction.

Maur Designs is getting a New Banner done, and will probably be getting a new all around look. I've been working on a new purse design that I found, and I'm getting excited about finishing it and getting it listed for you to see.  I'm also going to be listing some more small hand totes that will be perfect for either a little girl or a big girl that just loves little totes.

So far, this is my most popular sellers in my shop. People love the detachable flower so that they can wear it on sweaters, headbands, and some have put it on other purses that they have. I'm also going to be giving this as a give away when my Nana G Creations Facebook Fan's reach 700. I'm not far off by the way, so feel free to pop over and Like the Fan page there if you haven't already.

Tell me what you think? You can see it on my website here for more details on it.

Come follow me on Twitter: @MaurDesignbyNG

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Shop Introduction

Hi Everyone!

Well, I finally pointed my new domain to MY NEW SHOP... I'm excited to get this new venture off the ground. My first promotion to introduce my products is a Limited Time "Free Shipping" in the US. All you have to do is add the coupon code at checkout.  DEC2011

I have created a few new patterns to add to my collections in 2012, and after the Holidays will be adding those.

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and hope that all your dreams come true in the new year.


Monday, November 28, 2011

New Beginnings - New Blog

Here it is almost the end of 2011 and I'm beginning a new venture with Maur Designs by Nana G.  This is the sister business of Nana G Creations, which is a Trendy and Unique Childrens Boutique.

Maur Designs offers affordable Purses, Totes, and everyday necessities for your purse to keep you organized. I'll be adding other things as time permits. Things that aren't necessarily linked to Baby products but are a fun craft for me. Since I love crafting of all types, I guess the sky is the limit, right?

Enough for me tonight, back to sewing!  Oh...almost forgot to tell you, that I sell on 2 venues for now, but will be on only one in 2012. Not sure which one will have to go though. Please check them out.

My Supa Dupa website:
Maur Designs on Artfire Maureen